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{p}{t}{h}PNG to PDF{/h} Converter {/t}{b}

png to pdf converter is an online tool that allows you to convert your png files into pdf documents. The operation is completely safe, secure, fast, and easy - we provide our customers with the best services available!{/b}{/p}

{p}{t}How do I convert {h}PNG to PDF{/h}?{/t}{b}

If you want to convert any PNG graphic to pdf, you can try an online converter that will convert your file to pdf format. You just need to upload the png file and then generate the pdf file. It is very easy and you don’t need any financial investment at all.

Our online PNG to PDF converter is free to use and converts PDF files in a few simple clicks very easily and efficiently. Here are the complete steps, you can follow them for PNG to PDF conversion.

Step 1

Click here or Open the link that is

Step 2

Just upload the PNG file by clicking on Choose File Button or select the file and Drag and drop your PDF files inside the selection dotted box. There is the option of directly uploading from Google Drive or Dropbox file if you want to upload from there. 

Step 3

Now simply click on the Button Convert Now for simple and easy conversion

The file is ready to download. Just download the converted file and enjoy…. That’s all

{p}{t}Why choose our FREE Tools for {h}PNG to PDF{/h} Conversions? {/t}{b}

  1. As We're committed to protecting your Security and privacy. Our servers automatically delete files after a few hours of conversion, so you can rest assured that any Jpg, png file, txt file, PDF file, Image, or video are safe with us!
  2. We at PNG to PDF converter offer a high-quality service that delivers equal or better than the original.
  3. We offer PNG to PDF conversion service 100% Free.
  4. There is no need for you to provide your email, Phone Number, or any details for converting PNG to PDF.
  5. We offer a special dedicated and fast server for high-speed uploading and downloading of your converted PNG to PDF file without any delay.
  6. With our 100% free conversion service, you can expect a fully watermarked file. We understand that clients want to avoid any copyright or watermark from showing up in their converted document and we're happy they do!
  7. Our website supports every operating system from "Windows" to Mac and Linux. Our cross-browser conversion features make sure the functionality of our site works properly no matter what browser someone uses. {/b}{/p}

{p}{t}PDF File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDFs were first created by Adobe Systems in the 1990s as a way to display documents on a computer screen and print what was shown on the screen exactly what appeared. Users can create pdf files from their documents or images, using an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A PDF file is used for viewing, editing, and printing content on a computer monitor or printer. The most common type of PDF file used for viewing is the Adobe Acrobat PDF file. You can use any operating system that supports Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files on your web browser or any application that supports such documents like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc then you can view it yourself as well as edit them as well as print them.

PDF files have been the most widely used presentation format. Files in PDF format are compatible with the varying levels of compatibility. For example, they are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple iBooks, and many other applications on your pc or Macbook. You can open these files using any of these applications and view them as well as edit them without any problem.

PDF files can embed fonts and preserve the formatting of a document, which is why they are often used for official documents that need to be printed or sent electronically. PDFs can also be password-protected and encrypted with digital signatures for security purposes.{/b}{/p}
{p}{t}PNG File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. PNG is a Portable Network Graphics file format that uses lossless compression to compress images. It was developed by an international team as a successor to GIF in 1995. This newer graphics type offers more features than GIF including support for metadata tags and 24-bit color depth instead of just 1-bit black & white pixels like in GIFs. There are several reasons why PNG was developed. Some of the main ones include improving on what GIF had, being more open than what it is today, and also ensuring that patent issues did not arise like what happened with JPEG (which wasn't patented), which led to lawsuits between different companies involved in developing digital image compression technology.

The PNG image format is a lossless compression image format that supports full alpha transparency, enabling the design of images with transparent backgrounds. The file extension for png files is .png and can contain up to 8 bits per pixel (bpp).

The PNG file format's usage can be seen in many places online these days including images used for icons or logos displayed on websites; thumbnail previews when you visit someone else's website; avatars used by members on forums/social media platforms; data visualization charts such as pie plots, bar graphs, etc.; screenshots taken from video games. Many developers prefer using png files due to their better transparency support compared to jpg files. PNG files are also used to store screenshots taken from video games because they offer better compression ratios and it is more efficient in terms of bandwidth usage when you take a screenshot or record what's happening on your screen while playing the game

  1. Program/Application to Open    ACDSee, MS Paint, Chrome browser
  2. File Extension                .png
  3. MIME Type    :        image/png
  4. Developed by                {/b}{/p}

{p}{t}Why convert{h} PNG to PDF{/h}?{/t}{b}

The benefits of converting your PNG files into PDF format are vast. Though there are many different ways to convert your images, the most reliable way is by using a converter. These converters are designed for PNGs specifically, ensuring that you will not lose any data or quality of your original image during the conversion process.

A major drawback of PNG is that it does not support animation.

Another drawback of the PNG file format is that it does not support transparency very well.

You can't convert a text-based application into a graphics-based application using the PNG file format.

One more negative feature of the PNG file format is the lack of metadata tags. It doesn't save some kind of data about an image, such as its date and time when it was created or even where on earth it was taken! {/b}{/p}


How we can convert a PNG file to a PDF file?
Follow the same steps mentioned above for PNG to PDF conversion.

Is there a limit on the number of files I can convert with this tool?
No, you can convert unlimited files without paying any single penny.

Is Convertmepdf online tool is free for PNG to PDF conversion?
Yes, it is a 100% free online platform for PNG to PDF conversion and many other free tools.
How long does it take to convert PNG to PDF?
We offer a fast dedicated server so it takes just a few seconds to convert even heavy files.

Which online /offline browser should I can use to convert PNG to PDF?
You can use any updated browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to convert PNG to PDF.