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PDFs are a great way of storing information, but it can be more convenient to have some info on your phone. Converting the PDF to TXT is not as hard as you might first think.

A pdf to txt converter is a website that contains an easy conversion tool for converting pdf files into text. This tool allows you to convert the text from pdf files and save them in a text file so that you can navigate within the file or use it as an input when typing.

Just think you have the pdf file that you need to convert, but what if you don't have a pdf reader on your computer or mobile device? Don't worry, use this website and it'll convert the offending PDF into text so you can read it on any device. This tool is not only simple to use but will keep your private information from being exposed by converting the files so they are unreadable.

{p}{t}How do I convert {h}PDF to TXT{/h}?{/t}{b}
When it comes to formatting your PDFs on Mac or Windows, the best solution is converting them into TXT format and then editing them with a text-based processor such as Adobe InDesign, Apple Pages, or Microsoft Word. Though it will take some time and effort to do so, using these steps makes sure that the result of your hard work adheres more closely to industry standards.

convertmepdf offers online conversion very easily and efficiently. Here are the complete steps, you can follow them for PDF to TXT conversion.

Step 1

Click here or Open the link that ishttps://convertmepdf.com/pdf-to-txt

Step 2

Just upload the PDF file by clicking on Choose File Button or select the file and Drag and drop your PDF files inside the selection dotted box. There is the option of directly uploading from Google Drive or Dropbox file if you want to upload from there. 

Step 3

Now simply click on the Button Convert Now for simple and easy conversion

The file is ready to download. Just download the converted file and enjoy…. That’s all


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{p}{t}PDF File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDFs were first created by Adobe Systems in the 1990s as a way to display documents on a computer screen and print what was shown on the screen exactly what appeared. Users can create pdf files from their documents or images, using an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The .pdf extension is used by many software programs to store binary data (including fonts) and vector graphics which are compressed. PDF can be opened in many different software programs on many different types of computers.

PDF files can embed fonts and preserve the formatting of a document, which is why they are often used for official documents that need to be printed or sent electronically. PDFs can also be password-protected and encrypted with digital signatures for security purposes.{/b}{/p}

{p}{t}TXT File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}
Nobody knows for sure where the '.txt' file format came from. Some speculate that it was either developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM, or by IBM alone. They both claim to have developed it independently. Others say that it was created by Tim Peters while he worked for Berkeley Systems in 1982 because back then many DOS commands only accepted one parameter.

Txt files, or text files, are easy to open up and read. It’s just that you need to know the specific commands for each file type.

  1. Program/Application to Open    Notepad
  2. File Extension                .txt
  3. MIME Type:        text/plain
  4. Developed by                Microsoft

{p}{t}Why convert {h}PDF to TXT{/h}?{/t}{b}

Since pdf files are usually larger than the standard text file, to fax, or email the document you have to first convert it into a text file for these systems to handle it.

Converting pdf files is called pdf conversion. The purpose of this conversion is mainly for saving time and space when emailing or faxing a large document from computer to computer. It may also help with low-resolution screens and slow computers since most people don't view pdfs on their laptops or desktops.

The purpose of the conversion is to shrink the size of the PDF file so that it can be sent easily without taking up too much webspace. It is also useful for sending emails to people that do not have programs that are capable of using PDF files. The main disadvantage of conversion from the PDF format to TXT format is the loss of some formatting and images from the original document, although an accurate conversion should preserve most or all formatting. One way to preserve most formatting would be to use a PDF printer driver when printing the document so that it is saved as a PDF file rather than an image file.

The purpose of pdf to txt conversion is to make the pdf file readable for human beings on their computers. 

  • This would be very useful if they were not able to read the pdf files on their computers.
  • For security reasons, people may want to have a text version of a PDF file saved in addition to the original PDF file, so that they'll still have access even if hackers or malware corrupts or destroys the original PDF. 
  • If there are any errors that stop scaling up the font size in Adobe Reader, then converting it might fix this problem.{/b}{/p}


1. How we can convert a PDF file to a txt file?

Follow the same steps mentioned above for PDF to TXT conversion.

2. Is there a limit on the number of files I can convert with this tool?

No, you can convert unlimited files without paying any single penny.

3. Is Convertmepdf online tool is free for PDF to TXT conversion?

Yes, it is a 100% free online platform for PDF to TXT conversion and many other free tools.
4. How long does it take to convert PDF to TXT?

We offer a fast dedicated server so it takes just a few seconds to convert even heavy files.

5. What online /offline browser should I use to convert PDF to TXT?

You can use any updated browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to convert PDF to TXT.{/b}{/p}