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{p}{t}{h}PDF to HTML{/h} Converter {/t}{b}

PDF to HTML Converter is a free online tool for converting PDF files to HTML files. It converts PDF files that you have already created into HTML for more effective web publication. This can be the best way to get your content seen on the Internet without the need for any programming knowledge or work.

You will be able to create an online magazine, blog, or simply pass on your company's ideas to interested customers and clients using this tool.

It also offers some advanced features such as generating thumbnails, adding images, and modifying the text to give each document a custom service and make it look professional.{/b}{/p}
{p}{t}How do I convert{h} PDF to HTML{/h}?{/t}{b}
Getting pdf files converted to HTML is not easy for most individuals or companies because there are no best tools out there that can easily convert one type to another.

That’s where convertmepdf comes in! This service will allow you to easily and efficiently convert your pdf file into HTML so that you might be able to use it on other websites without any trouble at all. It's easy-to-use and won't take up too much of your time. Here are the complete steps, you can follow them for PDF to HTML conversion.

Step 1

Click here or Open the link

Step 2

Just upload the PDF file by clicking on Choose File Button or select the file and Drag and drop your PDF files inside the selection dotted box. There is the option of directly uploading from Google Drive or Dropbox file if you want to upload from there. 

Step 3

Now simply click on Convert Now Button for easy conversion

The file is ready to download. Just download the converted file and enjoy…. That’s all{/b}{/p}

{p}{t}Why choose our FREE Tools for {h}PDF to HTML{/h} Conversions?{/t}{b} 

  1. We're committed to protecting your privacy. Our servers automatically delete files after a few hours of conversion, so you can rest assured that any HTML file, PDF file, Image, or video are safe with us!
  2. We at PDF to HTML converter are proud to offer a high-quality service that delivers equal or better than the original.
  3. We offer PDF to HTML conversion service 100% Free.
  4. There is no need for you to provide your email, Phone Number, or any details for converting PDF to HTML.
  5. We offer a special dedicated and fast server for high-speed uploading and downloading of your converted PDF to HTML file without any delay.
  6. With our 100% free conversion service, you can expect a fully watermarked file. We understand that clients want to avoid any copyright or watermark from showing up in their converted document and we're happy they do!
  7. Our website supports every operating system that you could imagine, from "Windows" to Mac and Linux. Our cross-browser conversion features make sure the functionality of our site works properly no matter what browser someone uses. 

{p}{t}PDF File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDFs were first created by Adobe Systems in the 1990s as a way to display documents on a computer screen and print what was shown on the screen exactly what appeared. Users can create pdf files from their documents or images, using an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The .pdf extension is used by many software programs to store binary data (including fonts) and vector graphics which are compressed. PDF can be opened in many different software programs on many different types of computers.

PDF files can embed fonts and preserve the formatting of a document, which is why they are often used for official documents that need to be printed or sent electronically. PDFs can also be password-protected and encrypted with digital signatures for security purposes.{/b}{/p}

{p}{t}HTML File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}
The word HTML is a combination of Hypertext Markup Language. In computer programming, a markup language is a human-readable representation of the structure of data, designed for either display or manipulation by an application. Hypertext indicates that the text can link to other pages or elements on the page. A markup language provides a means to embed those associations into documents and web pages that can be read by a web browser so that they can be discovered easily when rendered in it.

HTML was originally named "HyperText Markup Language" but it's been hypertext since 1990 because you need hyperlinks for this technology to work well. The letter "H" was removed because it was also used by the HTTP protocol.

HTML is used in combination with a markup language called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create web pages for displaying data on the World Wide Web. Browsers display web pages based on HTML instructions, CSS instructions, and various metadata provided by servers hosting the pages.

An HTML file is nothing more than a plain text file containing HTML markup. In other words, an HTML document is just some text between some opening and closing tags that tells a browser how to display that text when rendering it as a web page.

The purpose of an HTML file is to provide structure for both content and the visual presentation of the content on screens. By providing structure, an HTML document can be styled with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The magic word "HTML" at the top signifies that this is an HTML document that contains all other tags to define pages or individual items on a page

  1. Program/Application to Open    Microsoft Excel
  2. File Extension                .html
  3. MIME Type    :        text/html
  4. Developed by                CERN{/b}{/p}

{p}{t}Why convert {h}PDF to HTML{/h}?{/t}{b}

An overwhelming number of websites and services require you to convert your PDF file into Web pages. The most common purpose for converting your PDF file into HTML is that it must be viewed online or on a mobile device like an iPad. This conversion also allows you to use the navigation features found on any website, such as hover states and drop-down menus, which are impossible in a traditional .pdf format.

The two formats PDF and HTML are interchangeable in many cases. That means that converting PDFs to HTML takes away the limitations of PDF, giving you more options and functionality when it comes to how your content can look, as well as making it possible for you to use a lot of content on websites that don't accept PDF files.

Except this, there are many reasons behind PDF to HTML conversion 

  • because HTML is the only web format supported by all browsers
  • because it's easier to make web pages with HTML than to make pdfs
  • because the presentation is not as clear as a pdf file and not all viewers may be able to view or access a pdf file, such as those with disabilities or for those using non-Windows operating systems.
  • because it's incompatible with many readers and mobile platforms. for example iPhone, android, blackberry, and iPad.
  • because converting allows you to do other things like hyperlinking, changing fonts, applying other formatting styles, and adding animation/videos/audio/flash/etc.{/b}{/p}


1. How can I convert a PDF file to an HTML file?

Follow the same steps mentioned above for PDF to HTML conversion.

2. Is there a limit on the number of files I can convert with this tool?

No, you can convert unlimited files without paying any single penny.

3. Is Convertmepdf online tool is free for PDF to HTML conversion?

Yes, it is a 100% free online platform for PDF to HTML conversion and many other free tools.
4. How long does it take to convert PDF to HTML?

We offer a fast dedicated server so it takes just a few seconds to convert even heavy files.

5. What online /offline browser should I use to convert PDF to HTML?

You can use any updated browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to convert PDF to HTML.{/b}{}