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{p}{t}{h}PDF to BMP{/h} Converter{/t}{b}

PDFs are great, but they can be frustrating when you want to use them somewhere else. These files are not meant to be viewed with a browser but need special software. This is where a PDF to BMP converter may come in handy. A PDF to BMP converter will convert your PDF into a format that can be read by other programs.

A PDF to bmp converter makes it possible for you to convert your PDF files into the image file format of BMP. A bmp file has a .bmp extension on the end of the filename and is capable of storing 24-bit RGB, 32-bit RGB, or 8-bit Grayscale images.

A pdf to bmp converter online will make it easy for you to post on websites like Facebook, create images from your printed materials, share with other people from a distance through email, or simply make your publication more professional by making it easier for people to understand what they are reading.

There will be no need for you to create multiple PDFs of a publication because of the need to convert one PDF into multiple image files.

{p}{t}How do I convert {h}PDF to BMP{/h}?{/t}{b}
If you're looking for a way to convert PDF to BMP online, use the best conversion websites with ease and without any hassles.

look at the steps that I have taken in this tutorial. It is highly recommended that you utilize these techniques and enjoy them as well. Here is the step-by-step guide for the complete conversion process. 

Step 1

Click here or Open the link that is

Step 2

Just upload the PDF file by clicking on Choose File Button or select the file and Drag and drop your PDF files inside the selection dotted box. There is the option of directly uploading from Google Drive or Dropbox file if you want to upload from there. 

Step 3

Now simply click on the Button Convert Now for simple and easy conversion

The file is ready to download. Just download the converted file and enjoy…. That’s all

The site has been tested on various browsers and all of them work as expected without any navigation problems. The conversion process is also fast - it usually takes about 5 seconds for one page to be saved in BMP format.

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{p}{t}PDF File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}
PDF stands for Portable Document Format. PDFs were first created by Adobe Systems in the 1990s as a way to display documents on a computer screen and print what was shown on the screen exactly what appeared. Users can create pdf files from their documents or images, using an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The PDF file is used for viewing, editing, and printing content on a computer monitor or printer. The most common type of PDF file used for viewing is the Adobe Acrobat PDF file. You can use any operating system that supports Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files on your web browser or any application that supports such documents like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc then you can view it yourself as well as edit them as well as print them.

PDF files have been the most widely used presentation format. Files in PDF format are compatible with the varying levels of compatibility. You can open these files using any of these applications and view them as well as edit them without any problem.

PDF files can embed fonts and preserve the formatting of a document, which is why they are often used for official documents that need to be printed or sent electronically. PDFs can also be password-protected and encrypted with digital signatures for security purposes.

{p}{t}BMP File Format Overview!!!{/t}{b}
The .bmp file format is a raster graphics format commonly used to store individual pixel images. A raster graphic is a digital image broken down into billions of small squares called pixels - each one representing a small, individual detail. There are two types of BMP files: uncompressed and compressed. The .bmp file format was developed in the early 1980s by Microsoft with their first operating system, MS-DOS

The bmp file format is a platform-independent device-independent raster image format, meaning it doesn't have to be created on the same computer, and can be converted from one type of file to another.

  1. Program/Application to Open    chrome browser, Irfan view, MS Paint
  2. File Extension                .bmp
  3. MIME Type    :        image/bmp
  4. Developed by                Microsoft


{p}{t}Why convert {h}PDF to BMP{/h}?{/t}{b}

Many benefits come with converting PDF to bmp format and it is something that should be done. So what are the benefits? 

  • Easy way of saving your data in BMP 
  • It is possible to save more bytes for the same size of data in BMP files compared to PDF files
  • Searchable index in BMP 
  • You can export images from a website and use them on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram without having to create a new image. Just upload the image instead! 
  • More people can edit the image since the BMP format is much more common across multiple platforms.
  • Choose a small part of a larger document and convert only this part instead of having to send the entire document! 

The file size is often lower than the original when you convert pdf to bmp 

Many people have a hard time reading PDF files. BMP is a lot easier for many people to read.

Conversion from pdf to bmp format can be done easily online, with no technical knowledge required.


1. How we can convert a PDF file to a BMP file?

Follow the same steps mentioned above for PDF to BMP conversion.

2. Is there a limit on the number of files I can convert with this tool?

No, you can convert unlimited files without paying any single penny.

3. Is Convertmepdf online tool is free for PDF to BMP conversion?

Yes, it is a 100% free online platform for PDF to BMP conversion and many other free tools.
4. How long does it take to convert PDF to BMP?

We offer a fast dedicated server so it takes just a few seconds to convert even heavy files.

5. Which online /offline browser should I can use to convert PDF to BMP?

You can use any updated browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to convert PDF to BMP.